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Welcome to Karvelia!

Writing “about me’s” always fills me with anxiety, I didn’t think I was that interesting. I didnt think I’d have all that much to say. But, while putting this site together I came to see how many topics I’m actually interested in, hence the 4 categories of this blog, why choose when you can have it all right?! We all have our own unique perspectives on things, and I suppose that alone makes anybody interesting.

Self and Soulness has been a fantasy brain child for over 5 years, it started off from the first seed that was planted when I first started meditating,  it has grown little by little, through each breakthrough and new stage of self development ,  I am now finally able to birth it into reality, and I am incredibly excited to share it with you.

I have always believed that an individuals struggles in life provide them with the foundations and tools needed to be able to help others in overcoming the same. Each and every one of us go through periods of struggle, be it emotional, mental, physical, financial, etc, but we are resilient and intelligent beings who have an abundance of light and love to share with one another along this beautiful journey of life.

This is my light and my love

Thank you for being here, if you have to leave, I hope you leave feeling lighter and happier and found what you were looking for.

XX  Lia